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About Angela Robinson Coaching

With 20 years experience of working with loss & trauma. Angela found a passion for understanding the impact of stress & loss on our energy and how life can impact on physical & mental wellbeing. Before becoming trained herself, Angela was introduced to Reiki & EFT in 2007 and has been using Bach remedies since taking her GCSEs ( which was a few years back now!)

These approaches have now been integrated into Angela’s day to day life and she is excited about sharing this passion for healing with others.

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Has the weight of responsibility and carrying yourself & others trauma become too much? Have you lost yourself? Do you just need space for you?

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About Me

I am a single parent to the most gorgeous happy little boy who lights up the world (not even biased ask anyone who has met him!). Outside of work I love dancing and walks with my boy, and I am always up for an adventure or trying something new.

Prior setting up my own business I was a Social Worker  with a great deal of experience in trauma having specialised in adoption, therapy, child mental health and looked after children,

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25th Jul 2022

If you are waiting for permission here it is..Stop!

I love the quote “when you hit a wall lean against it and rest“*. I wish I had heard and...

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7th May 2022

Compassion Fatigue

The last few years has taken its toll on people especially people who work on the frontline working directly with...

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5th Feb 2022

They show us the answer – This is us

I am currently binge watching This is Us on Disney and to say its traumatic is an understatement what an...

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22nd Jan 2022

Believe in family

A follow on from my last blog on values the natural progression is believes. Beliefs are our assumptions we hold...

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8th Jan 2022

Family Values

Family Values.   I am a big fan of letting children be children exploring and learning for themselves, rather than...

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18th Dec 2021

Tell Your Face!

Has anyone ever asked you “how you are feeling?” to be teased “tell your face then!” Heard the description having...

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20th Nov 2021

What is Holding Space?

Some of you may have seen that my email address is, so what do I mean by space holding...

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3rd Nov 2021

Emotional Literacy is a Gift

Having worked with families for years I saw many cases of communication breakdown within the family home. I have experienced...

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1st Oct 2021

What if?

What if?

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30th Sep 2021

Free Distance Reiki Healing for Social Workers Join me on the first Sunday of the month 8.30pm for some lovely Social Work TLC. Reiki is a...

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24th Sep 2021

Free Coaching Tool!


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23rd Sep 2021

Why is it important to Breathe?

Don’t hold your breath for this blog give me a follow and find out when its published  

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