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About Angela Robinson Coaching

I need to make a confession before we start. I am not really a coach, I am a cheerleader! I want to cheer you and your family on as we work on issues that are making it difficult to find balance and happiness in your home & in your world. My approach is to work with you as a family and guide you using my skills and experience for you to reach your chosen goal. Whether that is a specific issue such as addressing a source of anxiety or overall happiness within your family. My approach is for you to feel empowered as individuals and, as a family to feel in control of making changes towards your best life’s.

The mainstream offer within the NHS and Social Care setting is has not always worked for me. At times I have needed extra support during difficulties and have accessed talking therapies. But, it is what has been considered complementary/ holistic therapies that have empowered me and made the biggest difference since being introduced to these models in 2007. I have over 20 years (although comments that “I don’t look old enough!” will set our relationship off beautifully) of working with people from bumps to young adults and their families in a variety of settings and am lucky enough to have had a great deal of training and opportunities to help people at times of trauma and difficulties. Life has become complicated, hard and messy and at times it’s no longer fun.

As a culture we have moved further away from trusting our instincts with our own needs. We are bombarded with conflicting advice and can become reliant on conflicting podcasts and “social media advice”. My aim is to help you feel confident in your approach. Reconnect with your instincts while you connect with family.

Life has ups and downs, people make choices that don’t always go the way we expected, things happen that are out of our control these experiences can become traumas and blocks. Or, they could become lessons we accept, feel, learn and heal from.

When you close your eyes and imagine your ideal life what do you see what do you feel & how close from that are you now?

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About Me

I am a single parent to the most gorgeous happy little boy who lights up the world (not even biased ask anyone who has met him!). But prior to this I was a social worker  with a great deal of experience in trauma having specialised in adoption, therapy, child mental health and looked after children, I have experience working in behaviour programmes both rigidly and flexibly (guess which I preferred!..)

My passion has always been attachment work and bringing families together in a child focused, emotionally intelligent manner. Outside of work I love dancing and walks with my boy and I am always up for an adventure or trying something new.

When I was young I didn’t feel I fit in or that I was heard or seen for who I am. I had friends and family but never felt able to express myself in a way that they could hear. In my 20 year career working with young people this has often rang true for them too. It’s easy to say things we don’t mean and that was actually the opposite of what was meant in the moment. For example saying you “don’t care” when the reality is that you care so much about too much and you are feeling overwhelmed and need help.

On the surface for a long time I had a successful career and great home and people around me.. But bit by bit I realised I was not happy. I was lost & consistently looking for different experiences to fill gaps whilst trying to tick the boxes of what I “should be doing”. At times I was offering advice and guidance that did not always align with my own belief. I then decided enough was enough and gave everything up to move to the other side of the world.

Not all of this went to plan but I returned home with the most awesome boy! Cheesy to say but you get one life so love it! Warning….I am a huge fan of cheesy sayings and slightly addicted to memes! My tick box is now about feelings I want to have and share (mainly joy and giggles) but with complete acceptance and embracement of those big feelings when times are tough. I am guessing that if you are reading this you have similar values although stuck on how to achieve them.

So if you are thinking about why you want to work with me let me give you some ideas,

  • I have had a long career working with people
  •  There is little (I can’t actually think of anything) that would make me judge you
  • I believe you are worthy of having your best family life, possible even if there are days you may unconsciously not agree……
  • I will hold space for you as a family, this means being physically, mentally, and emotionally present for you.
  • My focus on your family to support you as you feel your feelings and move to a happier life where you are home.
  • A lot of what we will do will feel easier!!
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