So what will a family coaching package with me look like?

You get access to all my knowledge and experience of working to support families so every bodies family will have a different tailor made experience.

We will look at what you want to achieve as a family this will be your personalised shared family goal and explore what may be blocking this whether it is processing and supporting each other with a trauma, becoming stronger in the face of a mental health issue or just an overall feeling of urghh! We will explore techniques for moving forward and the roles you all play in contributing to this. And there will be homework. What I offer is a combination of professional & personal experience.

  • Emotional literacy,
  • Reiki,
  • Tapping Therapies (Emotional Freedom Technique Though Field Therapy)
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming,
  • Theraplay©,
  • Dyadic Development Psychotherapy©,
  • Attachment informed practice (ASI & Tavistock),
  • Understanding of child development & and impact of neuroscience in development and a whole lot of good fun and challenges!
  • Strategies and techniques that have worked for others.
  • Bach remedies being launched in 2022…
So what will a specific issue tapping specific package look like with me?

We will look at one specific issue that is difficult for your child weather it is an anxiety or an impact of trauma and will focus on moving this block, they will have a tool that they can use any time anywhere and confidence to use it. My experience of working with families however means that will not just work with the child 1-1 but also you as parents there is no point empowering your child and leaving you blocked with fear, shame and guilt about your child’s wellbeing. We will then follow up at a later stage to ensure the tapping strategy is embedded. Most people will notice a difference after one session and will have a complete change between 3-6 sessions.

First 3 session package

  • 1 session will be with a parent.
  • 1 session exploring / young person’s child’s feelings and understanding followed by tapping on the issue.
  • 3rd session further deeper exploration, tapping on the issue.
  • Reminder script for child to follow on their own if needed following our sessions.
  • Follow up check in after 1 month
  • (Following this package further individual sessions can be agreed upon for more complex embedded issues.)



  • 15 minute consultation free
  • Initial 3 session Package at £220
  • Follow up session £75
How can I access Emotional Literacy toolboxes?

Udemy – Here you will be able to purchase a guided programme to complete with your child on specific issues. With all Udemy packages it is yours to keep and access whenever you need.

YouTube – This is my YouTube channel please like subscribe and share. Here you will find FREE short emotional literacy and tapping episodes to help explore your feelings and work as quick brief guides perfect for refreshers or those just exploring what and who maybe able to support their family finding happiness.

Why we work together

Your child may be having a tough time at the family and this is not about blame but you will find it difficult to be there for them if 1 you are triggered 2 bombarded by your own feelings about their situation guilt shame hopelessness the more you are grounded the more they can rely on you to support them as they unpick and feel what’s going on for them. This is the reason we work together everyone has a role to play in achieving your families goal weather it is to be a home of joy or one of peace.

Can we work alone

If this is what is right for your family (for example age of children) this can be explored and discussed in a consultation prior to work commencing.