You can have an in person appointment with me at The Therapy Rooms, Ferry Lane, Pembroke Dock, Pembrokeshire, SA71 4RE 

Online appointments are also available via zoom.

Appointments last 1 hour unless otherwise agreed.


All appointments are offered with a guarantee of confidentiality with the following exceptions.

  • You or someone else is at risk of harm I have a duty to protect.
  • When abuse is suspected either child or elder
  • disclosure of intent to commit a crime
  • I am directed too by the client

For my ongoing professional development I attend supervision in this scenario your case will be heavily anonymised and the focus is on my practice. On rare occasions I may request to record a session this will not be done without your consent and recordings will be destroyed once the purpose is met.

GDPR will be followed at all times and I will only hold information that you have opted into providing or receiving.

What to expect in a Reiki Session

In person reiki you will be lying in a relaxed position normally face up, on a therapy bed or sitting in a comfortable chair if preferred. You may want to use the warm blanket provided. you will be asked to keep your eyes closed for the treatment in order to support relaxation, this is your choice to do so.

You will then initially feel my hands lightly press on your feet followed by different positions on your head and shoulders. If you do not feel comfortable with this touch this will not effect the impact of your session.

Following this initial grounding touch the rest of the session will be hands off but you may be aware of my presence as I walk around with my hands over you usually hovering 1ft above.

During a reiki session people often feel a deep sense of relaxation, they see colours, recall memories that they may have been unconscious too for a long period of time. often there can e a physical response like tears, hiccups as they let go of energy that they no longer need.

Following the session people can feel initially drowsy so it is advised to drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol that day.

What to expect from a Tapping session?

We will look at what is going on in your life currently. Whether it is an anxiety or an impact of trauma and will focus on moving this block.  Most people will notice a difference after one session and will have a complete change between 3.

You will be given space to explore your feelings around this situation and also where you want to be in relation to the situation. I will then guide you through a tapping sequence where you gently tap on different parts of your upper body. You will follow a script I develop in the moment based on the information provided initially recognising what is happening, what you want to let go of for example the feeling of anxiety and lastly where you want to be for example calm.

During a tapping session you may feel a release of emotions rising to the surface which we will again tap on. By the end of the session you should feel overall calmer and more present and a significant reduction in your response to the presenting issue

You will have a tool that they can use any time anywhere and confidence to use it.

So what will a Coaching package with me look like?

Following a free consultation where we work out if we are right for each other, a coaching package is a big commitment for both of us!

You get access to all my knowledge professional and personal experience .

We will look at what you want to achieve this will be your personalised goal and explore what may be blocking this whether it is processing and supporting each other with a trauma, compassion fatigue and burnout. We will explore techniques for moving forward and the role you play in contributing to this. And there will be homework.

Social Work & Compassion Fatigue

Coaching with me is not a set behaviour program or scripted session it comes from the knowledge that you unconsciously know what will make yourself happy and we will work to remove the blocks to get there. The aim of coaching is for you all to have a voice in what makes you feel safe, connected and happy as a strong & grounded Social Worker.

I have my own personal experience of juggling a rewarding and complicated career as a Social Worker whilst trying to balance a happy personal life. The person who is ultimately going to make the difference is you, you may be extremely stuck at the moment and not believe this but ‘stuck’ is not permanent and is a great starting point to review what you do and don’t want. My specialism is with overwhelm & complex trauma.

Coaching with me is a journey we will go on together to address goals that will ultimately improve your work life balance. One of the initial things we will consider is the needs and wants of each of the many roles, social worker, parent, partner, friend, you, so as to better facilitate the coaching process and how we can come together for one goal away from that feeling of being pulled and overstretched. This may be something such as about your shared values, beliefs and goals and see where you are aligned and where you may be out of sync. We will work on a strength based model although working and understanding to feeling like yourself again, integrating energy healing and NLP .

What is Trauma:

  • Acute trauma as a result from a single incident such as an assault.
  • Chronic trauma is repeated or prolonged such as domestic violence or abuse.
  • Complex trauma is exposure to varied and multiple traumatic events.
What results to expect from Coaching
  • Focus on what is truly important to you
  • Empowerment
  • Stronger boundaries
  • Improved communication
  • Stronger relationships
  • Increased respect
  • Increased confidence
  • Increased balance
  • Improved ability to make decisions
  • Improved peace
  • Improved day-to-day living
  • Improved joy and laughter